Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas with the Family 2007

Our Christmas holiday was Merry in Leon Mexico. All the family (except Bradley) were able to be together for several days and enjoy family traditions and just visiting and becoming familiar with life in our mission home. Melanie, Mark and Tina were here in time to help with the Christmas Conference in Leon with all 143 missionaries. We made 300 tamales and served ham and lots of other good things to eat. We were so grateful to have their help for this special conference. Our office Elders were so nice to come to the house Christmas morning and take pictures of our family. It is good to be all together in print once again...the next time we take a family picture it should be with a I am not sure when that will be. So this picture will be a keepsake.It was so hard to say goodbye to our family. But work continues on and we have a new year ahead of us

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