Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Three Musketeers, oops! Three Missionaries

Elder Montoya (right)was our trusty Executive Secretary upon arrival in the mission. He was replaced by Elder Moreno (in disguise, because of eye infection)...Elder Mancillas (left) is our missionary that just about died.
We were informed that he had an apendectomy and was released from the hospital the day we arrived. He recuperated in the office...but the office missionaries felt that things were progressing okay and Elder Mancillas did not complain at all.
At our first Zone Conference he sat in the front row and the contrast in color was so dramatic. His skin was yellow. He could barely stand up because he was so weak.
It was an incredible experience for me because I was strongly prompted that he needed help. I excused myself, called Elder Hollingsworth and to make a long story short....he was taken to the hospital for blood transfusions. He had a bleeding ulcer created by the medications he was taken. Elder Hollingsworth informed us later that if we had waited through the weekend...Elder Mancillas could have died. That was our first Wake Up Call.....How grateful we are for the whisperings of the Spirit to help us in this important responsibility.

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