Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Forever Friends

Last week my pictures and captions were all mixed up....I wanted my Grandbaby pictures first..."first things first"...but they were at the bottom, go figure! I haven't quite figured this thing out. But this week my only pictures are centered around our very short, but so.....sweet visit with our dear friends Dahl, LaRayne and Jeremy. Elder Cleek was released from his mission July 21st (after extending for 30 days), and was touring his mission with his parents. They were so kind to make a trip to the neighboring mission...Leon. It was so good to see them and give and receive hugs from our dear friends. Dahl and LaRayne thanks, our only regret was that the visit was too short. We hit the Guerro's for tacos and just sat and talked in our living room or the office...we had so much to catch up on. Please come again!


Grammy said...

How great the Cleeks could come an visit! I'm sure that was such a highlight in your week. Last week, I played the piano at a baptism. My nephew was called to the Rochester, NY mission and will be going in October, I belive. Becca is loving seminary and high school. She is so cute! Other than being very busy at work, that is about it around this ranch in Phoenix. Love you so much. You are in my prayers.

britt said...

How fun that you have had visits from family and friends lately!