Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Vision for 2009

This has been an amazing month for the México León Misión. With alot of planning,preparation and prayer the Vision for the mission was created for the new year. Zone Leader Council was held and barriers for each zone were discussed and a Action Plan set up for each Zone. I was so impressed with these amazing young future leaders of the Church, family and businesses. We are so blessed to be called to serve in this position and assist in this great work of the Lord.


gma & gpa asplund said...

What a handsome group of young missionaries. We can read the enthusiasm on their faces. What a blessing it must be to work closely with such a fine group. You must love these missionaire like your sons and therefore I little piece of you goes with them when they are released. You are doing such a great work. We love and admire you both!!

britt said...

YOU and President Cox are doing amamzing work with these missionaries! You can tell they love, admire and respect you as their leaders (how could they not, you are just so wonderful).
Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!