Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sunday Evenings in the mission home

The magic hour is usually 6pm. The Assistants gather in the office with results of the labors of each zone, each district, companionship and missionary. I have never been invited to this meeting....but the Assts usually stop in the kitchen before they enter the office and show me the numbers first.(They know I need to cook...in preparation for our dinner together at 7.) I love this time. When the number of baptisms for the week is good....we rejoice together/when it doesn't quite meet expectations, I am the buffer before they meet with President. They are great. They try so hard to do everything they can to encourage and motivate our mission. This past change we've been blessed with a group of leaders. This picture was taken after their last mtg of such. Elder Robles and Elder Escobar will remain with us for another change but Elders Wille, Hines and Moss are all three leaving on July 4, bright and early. Elder Hines and Elder Moss have been working quietly behind the scenes this change assisting personally in this labor of love we call missionary work.Each Sunday they report and receive new assignments.The report for the month of June was 256 baptisms, so the fruits of their labors and that of each missionary are truly being harvested.

The second picture of these great Elders really tells the story.

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gma & gpa asplund said...

Do you have 5 assistants? Boy, Pres. Bob gets lots of good men to help him. I can see the love on their faces (Bob and the Elders). They must become so endeared to you.