Sunday, September 6, 2009

A hodge-podge of thoughts

We've spent the week on the road for zone conferences. Elder Robles, one of our Assts was our traveling companion and taught about obsession at each conference. He has the ability to motivate all of us.......AguasJardines zone had prepared a special musical number to demonstrate their zone spirit. They were so excited to share their talents. They converted a hymn with lyrics that expressed their faith, hope and animo for the coming 1,000 baptisms. They are working under the leadership of Elders Kay and Holt as Zone Leaders. It was great. Wednesday evening we celebrated with Elder Schow his 22nd birthday. He is seriously contemplating his wishing power before the candles are blown out. I am sure that the wish had something to do with baptisms, but who knows for sure. Also, our heart strings were pulled as we bade our farewells to "THE BEAST". After 103km the beast was washed, waxed and returned to Mexico City. She served our mission well and performed over and beyond the call of duty. There were trips that she was soooooo loaded that we thought perhaps the front tires might come off the ground. You can only imagine....each missionary going home is allowed 2 suitcases/50lbs each, a backpack or carry on and on at least one instance when we had a flat tire...I think the Beast was carrying 14 Elders. You figure that one. So after a week, our hearts are full of gratitude for the blessing we enjoy. It has been a great week.


gma & gpa asplund said...

What a cute post Becky. The "singing zone" look so enthused and happy. So did you replace the "beast" with something better and BIGGER?? Such fun and memorable times.

Cox Family said...

Aww the Beast is finally gone... hahaha.. what did you get in replace?

Grammy said...

And life continues in the Leon, Mexico mission under the incredible influence of President and Hermana Cox! You are having such amazing experiences. I know your elders and sisters will stay in touch with you forever!