Monday, October 5, 2009

Tamales and General Conference

I love the tradition of the Leon Stake for General Conference. Members who are staying for the second session bring lunches to share, tables and chairs are set up under the few trees that are in the yard of the Stake Center and the next two hours become a social event for the Stake of Leon. The members usually gather in ward and branch groupings but members, missionaries and new converts (sometimes investigators) mingle as goodies are shared. I usually bring a big chocolate candy basket which Pres and I enjoy sharing with the large group....this is a big hit especially with all the youth. Saturday evenings while the men are in Priesthood is tamale making time with Teri, her daughters Marianna and Deanna. I have had so much fun making tamales with Teri and her girls. We've made them with banana leaves, spinach leaves and another green (Ican't remember the name) filled with chicken and salsa, onions,chili and queso. They are delicious. In last Conf.....I am in wish me luck. This year our group included Sylvia and her daughter Sylvia from Delores Hidalgo. They brought their own special recipes for tamales from D.H. (made with flour,butter,sugar,cinnamon,raisins,pecans and another with queso.) They joined the church this past summer and are enjoying the many facets of fellowship in the church. Hermana Sylvia reminds me so very much of my mother when she joined the church. She is so eager, and willing to do and learn. Her older son, Ramon joined the church in Brussels as a student and has now received a mission call and will be serving in Portugal...leaving in November. His membership and mission call prompted his sister Sylvia to learn more and become a member and probably a month later Hermana Sylvia joined. Their family is incomplete with another brother and father....that still need to be touched by the Spirit. So, our work continues forth.

I am posting a scattering of pictures of the weekend.


brenna said...

Sounds fun!

gma & gpa asplund said...

What a wonderful conference weekend you must have had. The members look so happy and excited about being together. I'm sure your choc. basket is a big hit. Those tamale ingredients sound DELICIOUS!!