Sunday, October 11, 2009


President invited me Saturday evening to enjoy a nice, leisurely walk through our neighborhood with him. It was after 8pm, the night sky was threatening but we were excited to get out of the house and get some fresh air. It started about 4 blocks from home. We were walking on Coahuala and the rain clouds from all directions came together, lightening, thunder first and then.......yes, we were drenched by the time we got to the mission home (from head to toe). It was dark, and no one was on the road but just made for a funny evening shared. Now, imagine my missionaries doing the same but being miles away from their apartments. How grateful we are for their dedicated service to the Lord and His gospel message. We love them and pray for their safety and good health.

We're making plans to make Celayita an international cat. This week Bob and I bought her a travel box. She's climbed into the box with a little coaching once or twice....but to have the door closed on her was a little more than she was prepared for. I am wondering if they will let us drug her to travel from Leon to Tipton (a 6-7 hr. trip)???.....Any great ideas?

We completed our week of zone conferences and all the missionaries seem happy and adjusted in their new areas and with their new companions. In the picture Elder Maxfield, a Zone Leader here in Leon is settling reimbursements with his missionaries. Elder DeLaRosa, Elder Tenney and Elder Policarpo seem so very excited to get some money in their pocket once again. We enjoyed a surprise sleepover with Elder and Hermana Spencer. They were traveling from Mexico City and came through our fair city. While here they attended to the medical needs of our mission and Cindy and I slipped away from the mission home to visit an outdoor tienda that sales some incredible frogs....Melanie, there was one as tall as me and others smaller....I just knew you'd love them. Thinking of all you dear friends and RMS.


brenna said...

I don't know how they'd feel about letting a "dead" mexican cat through customs! What do you have to do to get her approved?

gma & gpa asplund said...

I think you have enough "strays" back at the ranch. I love the cute frogs. Are those in your yard now? I love the rain also but maybe not drenched. We haven't had rain for a week.

britt said...

I love the rain story, and it reminded me of several occassions on my mission where we were walking or riding bikes and the rain starts and you have no where to go, but forge on ahead! Unless you find a gracious person to let you in or are nearby somewhere to take cover :) oh the memories!

britt said...

Becky it is quite easy. I just use the kraft caramel squares (don't know if those are available to you), melt them with a little milk. (or some kind of caramel, it just need to be a little thick, not super runny or else everything just slides to the bottom of the apple) Dip the apples, then roll them in whatever kind of crushed candy bars you like, and to top it off drizzle with melted chocolate chips (thinned with a little milk as well). Set them on wax paper/cookie sheet. Let them harden in the refigerator. SImple as that! Hope that help. Let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck and have fun!