Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas eve 2009

My tamale maker was put to use Christmas eve. I bought all these strange ingredients like acelga,masa,caldo de pollo,chile cuaresmeño,manteca de cerdo and went to work. Teri was nice enough to come and help me with the salsa...since I had never learned this step. It was delicious. There are some important things to learn here....gloves are important when working with chiles; the aroma is more powerful than an onion...and can make you cough up a storm....but the end result was incredible. The missionaries from the office and the Morales family joined us for a late Christmas Eve dinner of tamales....supper nacho....frijoles y ponche (hot fruit punch). I had baked sugar after the dinner we had a cookie decorating party. It was great fun to see everyone's creations. Elder Callen and Elder Salazar were quite secretive...with their cookies...(2 por Dios was Elder Callens' and Elder Salazar had the Star of Leon..... I loved this picture of Elder Salazar with Celaya around his neck....she even got into the Christmas spirit and enjoyed the festivities of the night. Christmas Day was filled with phone calls home....breakfast of hot oatmeal and a smoked turkey dinner at the home of our Stake President........It was a great day. We enjoyed our phone calls with family and friends. Truly Christmas was a merry day.


Melanie said...

It looks like it was a happy day. I am so glad. We missed you at home but it makes my heart happy to see that you were surronded by special friends and "kindred" spirits. We love you and are so excited to see you in 1 day!!! Love you!

gma & gpa asplund said...

Wow-my mouth is watering for those tamales and good Mex. food. We will be expecting you to cook up a storm for the "gringos" here at home. Your gingerbread houses are huge and still look so good. We are glad you had such a good time with your 'family" there.

ckkg said...

wow, becky, i am sooo impressed! i hope you will share what you have learned with us -- i would love to try those tamales! i'm glad you had a wonderful christmas in mexico -- your last one! we love you and miss you!