Monday, December 7, 2009

Why not?

We love the saying of George Bernard Shaw..."Some men see things as they are and say WHY. I dream things that never were and say WHYNOT? This has been a week of training with our regular concilio with Zone Leaders and another mtg with District leaders. We love to meet with our missionaries and try and instill within them a vision of the potential they have as future leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They are great young men with so much to offer. The mission is a time for them to learn how to communicate with their peers, to love and inspire their missionaries to do everything possible to be worthy teachers of this great message of the restored gospel. We are so very blessed to work with these wonderful young men and women as well. We have 10 Hermanas serving in the mission at this time. They do an incredible job for the mission and we love and appreciate their service. Okay at the concilio our new Asistants were introduced (picture with President of Elders Callen,Maxfield & Salazar). They will take over officially, December 19th when Elders Hatton and Schow return to their homes with honor....It is really strange losing both at the same time...Unusual activities were part of the capacitations this week...Elder Leininger(our spiderman) demonstrated giving his "all" for the cause 13=1,000 baptisms...he actually climbed up the drain pipe to reach the top. It scared me to death. Also Elders Hatton & Schow use their techniques to spin Elder Peña C crazy....I also captured all the District Leaders for a quick picture with President Cox before they were shipped back to their area. Such special memories our pictures make!

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