Monday, January 18, 2010

¡Estamos tan Frio!

This is our first year to really experience the cold of Leon. We have been miserable this past two weeks, but today we awoke to sunshine so we are hoping we've weathered the worst. All the homes here are made of brick and have zero insulation...We have bought a small room heater and try to stay inside this one room....but life has to go on, so we are bundled in layers of clothing. Special prayers are being shared for our missionaries who are out and about and for the people who live in homes without floors, tin roofs and holes in their brick walls. Snow was reported in the mountains of Aguascalientes and San Luis Potosi and San Miguel de Allende...So this has definitely been our coldest year in Mexico.

We spent our Sabbath Day with the good members in Celaya. They had their Stake Conference and there Stake Center was filled to the brim for both sessions. We are hoping that we will be witness to the creation of another Stake in Celaya before we are released but they are still missing 9 time will tell. Leon Stake is also hoping for a split this this would be a welcome addition for the good Saints in our mission.

We were visited by Elder Mancillas Sunday evening. He is working in Leon this week and stopped in to say hello. He was our special Elder who had his appendix removed the week before we arrived and was supposed to be recovering nicely....he had his stitches removed and was moved into the office to recover. He never complained...but we were concerned. I will always remember our very first zone conference in Leon, he was sitting in the front row and Elder Montoya had to help the Elder stand because he was suffering so and his color was so darn scared me. Immediately we called Dr. Hollingsworth who recommended he be taken to the ER for blood tests and sure enough he was losing blood through an ulcer and Dr. Hollingsworth told us afterwards that from the results of the blood tests, if we had waited through the weekend, he might not have made it. What a scare that was and how grateful I was for the whisperings of the Spirit that caused us to ACT so quickly. Elder Mancillas is happy. He has been home for a year and 3 months now. It is incredible the feelings of love and gratitude we feel for our dear missionaries with each reunion.


gma & gpa asplund said...

Hey there, sounds like you are busy at it in 2010. Hope your "winter" is almost over. Needless to say we are still trying to adjust. Love and miss you both.

brenna said...

I was surprised how cold it got in your house. Good news: says you'll be back up to high 70s this week.