Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our Bonus!

We had the privilege of flying to Mexico City on the 17th and mtg with all the MPs and their wives, Elder Bednar and his wife, Bishop McMullin and his wife and President Johnson and President Tenorio and their wives. It was definitely a special experience for all of us. MP Seminars will no longer be held with an Apostle, as the church grows so rapidly, they are revamping their mtg schedules to more effectively reach, teach and bless the growing membership of the church. Our Bonus....this week was to be in the presence of an Apostle of the Lord and Bishop McMullin and receive instruction that will bless our lives and our future assignments in the church. No pictures were taken with them. But their testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ will forever remain in our hearts.

At our first MP Seminar, Hna Johnstun and Hna Mendoza and I connected on the beaches of Veracruz and called ourselves the "Tres Amigas". From that moment on....... whenever we are together there is a special spark, a special bond that unites us as sisters in this great work of the Lord. It is interesting how Heavenly Father places special people in your lives to bless us and help us through difficulties and struggles.....We have felt this bond as we have served in our assigned areas of Mexico.....be in Monterrey, Culiacan or Leon. It was difficult saying goodbye to these great leaders. For many....our paths may never cross again. But then there are some, like Hna Johnstun...who will forever remain a special friend. We hope to stay connected.


gma & gpa asplund said...

Wow- what a great experience you must have had at the Mission Pres. seminar and meeting with leaders and friends. I'm sure this was one of those times with a myriad of emotions.

Grammy said...

What a marvelous opportunity to spend time with such amazing people. They were also blessed to be in your presence as well!