Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Whirlwind Weekend in Leon

Talk about "Hotel Leon", we have been anxiously awaiting the visit of our dear RM, Elder Emery and Cherese his wife. They were scheduled to arrive Saturday morning after we had taken the Elders to the things were good. They would stay with us and then drive from the mission home to visit their converts in the other areas. Sounds great. Well, our Area President and his wife, President Johnson have been planning to visit the Leon Mission for this past year and guess when they want to guessed it! Saturday and Sunday they want to spend some time with President and I plans change. We had a most wonderful experience with every facet of the weekend, it is just funny how everything came all at once. We also received a call from our AMA, Dr. Spencer who was looking for one last visit as he and his wife, Cindy returned home to Monterrey coming from Morelia....luckily they stopped on Tuesday night. We were truly blessed to be able to spend time with each of these special guests.

Tuesday afternoon we were able to get away for a quick visit to Guanajuato. We took in all the regular attractions and enjoyed our time with this cute couple. Elder Emery and Cherese were anxiously engaged in this great work while in Leon . They visited with converts and investigators from 2 years ago, encouraging and teaching of the blessings of enduring to the end. They secured several new contacts and renewed many friendships in the church. It was a wonderful blessing for all of us to have them return and assist us in this great work once again. We loved our time together


britt said...

WOW, never a dull moment! You continue to great things and touch so many hearts in the process!!

gma & gpa asplund said...

I would guess it is so great to have Elders return to see you (with their brides even better). Some craziness that so many NEEDED to see you the same week! You must be such good hosts that everyone is clambering to visit!!

Elder Jordan Lane Guthrie said...

This is Elder Guthrie's mom.....I just want to say again how much I have appreciated knowing that my son is serving in such a special area and with such special people. Words cannot express how missionary moms feel when they send their little boys off to all areas of the world. Knowing my son has been under the care and guidance of Pres and Sis Cox has made my transition so much easier. May God bless you and yours as new adventures await you.
Sis Lisa Guthrie
mm to Elder Jordy Guthrie, Leon