Saturday, February 15, 2014

February 4th  We left the CCM for a complete housekeeping deep clean.  This is done every 2 weeks before the new arrivals on Wednesday.  Brother Burbidge and Sister Burbidge were our tour guides and we traveled to the Mercado Central  (very similar to those in Mexico), enjoyed lunch at Wendy's and visited the City Map created over 100 years ago on horseback with details of the country of Guatemala all perfectly plotted out for all to see from platforms created years later.  I need to find out the man's name on my next excursion and write it down.   The Hermanas were most impressed with the people on the streets, understanding that within a few weeks they will be their future contacts.  This is a picture of Hermana Turley, Hna Prawitt and Hna Carlson.  They are our only Nortes remaining in the CCM after this change.  This is the old Governor's Palace in the plaza.  It is gigantic.

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