Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Okay, I need to explain a different situation that exists here in our CCM.  When missionaries arrive they check in their cameras at the front desk.  They are returned to the Nortes for field trips and to all others when they load the bus on the day of departure.  Hence, there are limited times and experiences that will be captured by me on film.  Yesterday I took a moment, after the missionaries had left the CCM and took some pictures of the staff and our offices.  We have a guardia at the front of our entrance and no one enters or leaves without their knowledge.  We appreciate their service.  They keep a watchful eye on us whenever we walk to the temple.  They radio ahead and inform the guards at the temple of our movements.  It is a crazy world we live in here.
I love the gardens around our CCM and often times when I am feeling confined I need only to walk around our building and enjoy the beautiful flowers and plants that are maintained by Francisco the gardener.  Every morning after my exercises in the gym I walk around the building picking up trash so that all can enjoy this beautiful facility.
Our apartment is on the third floor in the corner of this building but on the opposite side.  We have a flags flying in the front of our CCM for every country here in C.A.
Hermano Cajas is the manager of the CCM.  He is a great man and we really enjoy working with him.  He has a lot on his plate at this time with all the remodeling projects and preparations that need to be made to enlarge the capacity of this CCM from 80+ to 152+ missionaries.  His focus is on the scheduling and teaching staff here. 
I know I have already said a lot about the familia de Burbidges, but they are our best buddies here.  They maintain our clinic and they are with us 7 days a week.  Hna Burbidge is the RN and is a lifesavor, literally to me.  Already in the past 6 weeks we have dealt with convulsions, undiagnosed ADDH, swollen gums, dry rot, stitch removal, scabies, a finger cut off (employee);  yikes I can't even imagine not having her here.  Elder Burbidge is our guide around Guatemala.  He is the tour guide for our field trips and enjoys getting out and about when time permits.  He also serves as a Counselor to the Branch President in Rama A. 
This is a picture of my famous Chef Carlos.  I am not sure if I ever want to cook again.  I am so spoiled.  They say in time that we will tire of eating the same things but I am not sure about that.  I think I will be willing to make the sacrifice just so I don't have to shop, prepare and clean up after our meals.  We did, however join all the senior missionaries for "break the fast" on Sunday and I baked a chocolate cake.  It was wonderful eating American food, I must admit.
Bob in his Office
My office.  Our Offices are right next to each other.  I have a great big candy jar(you can see it by my bulletin board).  It was empty yesterday,  but with each new intake I fill it with good candy as a bribe for all the missionaries and staff to come for a visit.  It works.  Sometimes I have to lock my office or the candy will disappear too quickly. 
Our Nortes were 10 strong this Field Trip so we took a tour bus to the City Map and Central Mercado.  It was a beautiful morning of adventures for our missionaries.  Starting on the left and working to the back of the bus are Hna Vave, Hna Soares, Elder Gunther, Elder Coe, Elder Gerratt, Elder Grein, Hna Geersten, Hna Farr, Hna Santos and Hna Rogers.  Wesley.....I am not sure if you remember....but we have pigeons in the Plaza here in Guatemala City too.  When you were a little boy, visiting us in Leon, you loved to feed and run with the pigeons.
Oops, somehow or other Elder Grein found his way onto the blog.  This is the last stop of the field trip.  Hamburgers from Wendy's never tasted so good.  I took this picture because I wasn't sure if he could get this in his mouth.  But never underestimate a missionary with a triple-decker hamburger.  It was a happy ending for a wonderful outing.

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Diane and Allan said...

Thank you Becky for the fun tour of the MTC. It looks like a wonderful and happy place. You both look radiant and happy. Love you.