Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Yesterday we were alone for a few hours with just the North American missionaries and 2 missionaries from the Dominican Republic who had arrived early that day. (We had said goodbye the night before to our 6th group of missionaries).    It was time for sports and Bob had been primed the day before to join in the fun.  I was excited to watch him in action once again.  He definitely still has some moves on these young Elders but for the most part he was rebounding and sending the ball out to the younger generation to score.  It was a fun afternoon and Ibuprofen was on the list of meds last night.


Diane and Allan said...

Whoa Bob, we are quite impressed!!! How are the knees?

Grammy said...

Way to go Bob! You still got it!

Derek Hansen said...

Sister Cox,
I read your blog on a consistent basis. I really enjoy the updates. Siempre recordare los tiempos en la mision. Hope you and president are doing well. Love you both.