Friday, April 11, 2014

Hermana Bontempo

Monday night we welcomed to our CCM Hermana Bontempo from the Retalhuleu Mission.  The mosquitos in Retalhuleu really loved her blood and in the past 10 months of her service there she had contact with Dengue Fever 3 times.  (every repeat contact becomes progressively more dangerous)  So she was being transferred to a Spanish speaking mission in Houston Texas.  We became her holding place til her flight out on Wednesday morning.  It was such a tender mercy for Pte Cox and I to have her stay with us.  Her stories of faith and service coupled with obedience to mission rules and love for her investigators, and companions opened our eyes to the challenges and difficulties our sisters face in the Central American missions.  She was so appreciative of a hot shower, washing machines, a roof over her head without spiders, cockroaches, tile floors and the general comforts of a home.  We will incorporate many of the lessons we learned from her in our service here at the CCM. 

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Diane and Allan said...

What a valiant example of service . Thanks for sharing her story.