Friday, May 23, 2014

Mother's Day in Guatemala

Mother's Day in Guatemala is always the same day, May 10th, just like in Mexico.  We were given directions from the Missionary Department to allow all the missionaries to call and speak with their Mothers for 10 minutes.  The staff organized the calls and the area office provided the necessary phone lines and phones.  On Saturday, May 10th all the missionaries were scheduled to receive their calls from their mothers at a designated time.  It really came together much better than we expected.  We had a few Nortes, Elder Peterson and Elder Turley who needed to come and use our vonage phone because their parents were not able to get through and Hna Stewart was in tears, because her Mother was cut off everytime she tried to call, so she ended up in our apartment as well.  But it was a good day for Mothers here in Guatemala.
Elder Petersen, patiently waiting in the Computer lab for his mother to make connection.  It never happened.  Hermana Holman in the background enjoying her call and Hermana Hansen feeling sad for Elder Petersen.
It was a good day for Elder Lopez.  He is a 26 year old new convert to the Church who left his home in Guatemala to serve in the San Salvador Este mission.  He is not supported by parents or siblings but good ward members are his support system.  Miracles happen in the mission field and he has great hope that his family will soften their hearts and learn to accept his decision to serve a mission.

Hnas Mulitalo Sainsbury,Klint,Hansen,Steward,Holman,Sorensen,Logan and Elders Petersen,Orosco,Turley,Shoemaker,Hess,Washburn and Livai finish up my day bringing tears to my eyes as they sing...."Mother, I love you."  It was a special ending for a wonderful weekend.  I had visited with each of my children on facetime, received pictures of grandchildren and all in all it was a special day for Mothers. 
Okay, only in Guatemala.  I woke up Tuesday morning to a hard, tender spot on my second toe.  I didn't think much about it.  By the end of that day it was swollen and by Thursday this is what I woke up to?  We forwarded pictures to Dr. Cragun, our physician and he reaffirmed that my suspicion that it was a spider bite and started me on an antibiotic.  That white pussy stuff eventually covered most of the toe, before we lanced it on Saturday.  A week later, today, it is finally feeling better.  I can wear my shoes again and life is good.  I am not sure what to think about the spiders in Guatemala.  I never did find evidence of him, but I have proof.
 We absolutely love our wonderful friends in the kitchen.  Sindy, Carolina and Veronica take care of us every morning, noon and night.  They are wonderful, sweet women who cook, clean, prepare and serve our meals each day.  I am so spoiled.  It is like heaven to walk into the comedor and see their smiling faces. 

We have been preparing for the Rededication of our CCM now for ....well since we arrived in January.  But we have finally received the green light and the date is set for May 29th.  Every little detail is in motion with new missionaries arriving the day before as a bonus.  We are excited.  I took a picture of our lobby.  The easel was purchased by President Steimle....several years ago, but we found it in storage.  We cleaned it up and found a place for it, we had a carpet but it was really ugly so I talked them into buying this new carpet as a finishing touch.  What do you think?
More about the rededication will be posted next week. 


Diane and Allan said...

Well your decorating skills are once again very apparent Becky. The lobby is warm and inviting and very tasteful. Good job girl!!
Can't say the same for that "toe" thing. Yuk I'm bringing my boots!
Loved the pics of your cute missionaries and their much anticipated phone calls. What great blessings for you.

Derek Hansen said...

Love reading your blog posts as always