Thursday, July 3, 2014


So many happy thoughts this morning. 
Happy to put on my exercise clothes and walk outside to our gym to join with the missionaries from Rama A in their morning routine of exercises.  We have added the T25X series of taped exercises for those interested.  Hno Arredondo is good to lead this class in the morning and Pte Cox does it in the afternoon.  We also have many enjoying volleyball, basketball,  four square, weights or the equipment, and/or their own personal routine.  Personally, I try to get 15- 30 minutes on the illiptical and 15-20 on the knees feel so good while I am doing the exercises....just wish I could keep doing them all day.  I am trying to work in an afternoon bike session as well.  (when time permits)
Happy to have this time to serve the Lord with my husband by my side.  Bob is such a good man and tries to be so thoughtful of my needs.  We have the special privilege of associating with the very best young men and young is an incredible assignment.  Sometimes I think we are learning more from them.....then they are from us.  But, they are so kind, supportive of one another, eager to learn and dedicated to all that is good and lovely, inspiring and uplifting.  We love them.  Our numbers are growing significantly.  We have 115 missionaries with us today and we are expecting an average of 150 throughout our summer months.  That means we are bulging at our seams.  It'll be fun, busy and harder to get to know and have individual relationships with all of them...but we will give it our best shot. 
Happy all is well at home.  Our children are enjoying a typical 4th of July weekend, sandcastles, parade, fireworks, tidepools, boogie boards and lots of family and friends.  They will facetime us from time to'll be a great celebration of  freedom.
Happy for this moment in time when Bob and I can serve with so many wonderful members of the Church in Guatemala.

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