Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Nomads

So with the increase in numbers the District Amos has become our "Nomad" district.  They wander from classroom to classroom for their study assignments ..... they are the best.  They seem to enjoy this adventure and have taken advantage of lots of empty spaces, President's office, the comedor and the CRE.  They are a district of 8 with Elder Taylor serving as their District Leader this last cycle.  Elder Shoemaker and Elder Stoeltzing also have served the district well.  Hermanas Thompson, Nichols and Prince were invited in to share CC Cookies one afternoon and Elder Treglown shared his famous recipe for Smoothies on P-Day.  What a treat.  We just love being with our missionaries.
Elder Treglown plans to open up his own Smoothie business after the mission....
We are so inspired by these great, energetic, ambitious young men and women...who love the Lord and are willing to sacrifice 2 years or 18 months for the Hermanas to serve the LOrd.  All are the "Nomads"

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