Friday, January 9, 2015


We knew the day would come, but for months we lived in denial.  Finally, September 25th we had to have an official farewell dinner for our dear friends and comrades of the CCM....Richard and Jennifer Johnson.  We connected immediately upon our new assignment as Pte and wife.  They were always available to help and advise us in the business of the CCM.  Dick had served for 6 years as Legal Counsel for the Church in Central America.  Jennifer had gone back and forth to the States during those years to visit family and take care of necessary business.  They became our dates for Saturday getaways and we were able to familiarize ourselves a bit with Guatemala through their eyes and love for this country.  We are grateful for their generosity and kindness. Dick served as First Counselor in the Presidency of the CCM and Jennifer was my First Counselor in Relief Society.  We wish for them all the best as they make the move back to Utah.
Our original CCM Presidency, Pte Alvarado, 2nd Counselor, Pte Cox and Pte Johnson, 1st Counselor

September-October 2014 the CCM Presidency, a short run.
Pte Alvarado, lst Counselor, Pte Cox and Pte Pitcher, 2nd Counselor
Elder and Hermana Province arrived in the mission field in time for all the action.  He was called as  a Medical Advisor for Central America and they were called to fill the vacancy in the Branch Presidency of Rama B.  As the slot was opened in the CCM Presidency with the departure of Pte Pitcher....Elder Province was called as the 2nd Counselor and Hermana Province as my 2nd Counselor.  We are so grateful for their faithfulness and testimonies of the Gospel.

 These are pictures of our apartment.  We push all the furniture to one side and bring in another big table and have our farewell dinners here where we can enjoy one another's company.  Everyone pitches in so it is a great time for all.  I need to take a picture now of our Branch leaders and wives.  With all this transition we added Elder and Hna Lloyd to Branch B.  I'll try and do that at our dinner in February when the Burbidges will be leaving.

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