Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Dia de Gracias, Thanksgiving Day in the CCM

 We have been blessed with the best when it comes to Staff here at the CCM in Guatemala and definitely each person here is on our list of blessings we have enjoyed this past year.  President and I are poising with Hno Cajas, our manager before our refreshment table is filled with goodies prepared by Carlos.
 Marlon, one of the kitchen staff that serves us every day....cheerfully.  How grateful we are.
A sampling of all the good stuffings we ate on Thanksgiving day.  It was a feast.  We shared this meal with our Branch leaders(because it fell on the lst Thursday of our intake week) our teachers and families of the CCM.
                       La Familias de nuestros secretarias, Ivon & Ada
                                                           Hermana Missionaries
                                          Pte y Hna Province and Elder and Hna Lloyd
 Our night teachers, Hno Hernandez, Vasquez, Ruiz, Morales, Garcia, Escobar & Romero; Hnas Giron, Garcia, Simon and Bruno.
                                          La familia de Hno Dubon, our Supervisor
La familia de Hno Cajas our Manager with David & Melanie Benz

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