Wednesday, January 28, 2015


We traveled home on December 13th and stayed til Christmas Day taking the Red Eye flight out of LA, arriving 6:30am on December 26th.  We squeezed into our visit a birthday dinner for me, a trip to the beach house, a visit to Dr. Miyakawa, cookie decorating time, rides on the ladybug, family time, cooking, shopping....lots of wonderful memories with family and friends.
 Beach house visit with Holland, Benson and Payton....Wesley and Halley were with Tina's family
 A visit to the aquarium.....fed the seals. 
 Cookie making with Halley and all the grandkids for Santa
 Always room for food, I love my boys.....Wesley and Benson.  Wesley is so patient and kind to his younger cousins.  I was so very impressed.
 Not sure what she was thinking at this moment....but it must have been an interesting thought.
 Brenna and Benson preparing hotdogs for the family....
 Where has all the time gone.  Look at my Holland.  She is practically walking.
 What a fun afternoon.....decorating cookies for Santa. 
          Christmas Day pictures with all my little ones and some bigger ones...Oh what a blessing to be home for Christmas this year.  What a wonderful time we enjoyed.
                                                               Matthew and Brenna
                                                                        Mark and Tina
                                                              Halley, Benson and Payton

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Diane and Allan said...

Oh I love all your pictures with the family at Christmas. You ARE blessed to have had this special time together. Everyone looks well and happy and those grandbabies are all soooo darling.