Monday, June 2, 2008

La obediencia una atributo de Cristo

Elder Timothy Young was riding bike in the Leon Mexico Mission. (Against mission rules) His pant leg got tangled in the chain. He toppled over the handlebars and ended up in the Hospital in Celaya with a fracture to his skull below the left ear. It was a traumatic weekend, for everyone involved. At one point it was felt that he might need to go home but the Catscan was clear and after a 3 day hospital stay and 34,000pesos later he came home with us to the Mission Office. The first picture depicts our well-trained zone leaders, Elder Galvan & Elder Dalton....feeding their injured missionary. The second picture illustrates the talent of our office secretaries. Elder Young had to receive 5 injections....after he left the hospital. President felt comfortable about this assignment after many cattle had he given shots to ....what could be that different. Elder Wille, our financial secretary wants to be a President Cox trained him and he practiced on an orange and before long, he was a pro.... (Elder Young wasn't as confident about Elder Wille's new-found profession as President Cox was. But what could he do.)

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