Sunday, June 1, 2008

Who said I can't have Favorites?

Elder Black and Elder Checketts thrilled with a fresh fruit sundae, with yogurt and granola and a MARASCHINO CHERRY on top. All the zone leaders were delighted with their mid morning refreshment. Late, after a full day of teaching, contacting, serving the Lord....I was surprised by serenaders. It was almost 10pm on my 55th birthday and the Elders in the office were downstairs singing Happy Birthday. It has created a happy memory in my missionary memory box.....Elders Pugmire (barefoot in the mid of December),Muehle, Moreno,Leber and Black singing and presenting me with a birthday cake. How very sweet. Elder Pugmire was our Financial Secretary. We love Elder Pugmire. He was with our first group arriving in the Mission field. He tackled the finances in the office efficiently and with his own little flare...barefeet, guitar-playing,the object of most personal jokes....We love Elder Pugmire. He served from November - April 2008. Elder Wille in the next picture with Elder Mendoza and Elder Pugmire...prepared to assume his new responsibility. Elder Mendoza is our Executive Secretary and Elder Wille is our financial ...........the work moves forward. We have no Senior Couples in our mission so all the work is handled by these faithful Elders. They work til 2 pm in the office and then go forth preaching the gospel to the people in the Arbide Ward boundaries. We appreciate their diligence and effort handling the affairs of our mission

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