Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Yes, I am spoiled rotten!

And it is all Berta's fault. I am not sure I will ever be able to live without a housekeeper again. Not really. But it is so very Nice. Berta comes whenever I need her...but she works at least 15 hours and sometimes 20 hours a week. She is a hard worker and very dependable. She has a cute personality and is the sole supporter of her family. She is not a member of the church and we have had wonderful opportunities sharing the gospel with her. She is learning English and helping me learn Spanish. We laugh so hard at times when we are trying to communicate with each other and just quite can't say what we feel. Berta loves our little Celaya and attends to her every need when we are on the road visiting missionaries.

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Grammy said...

How lucky she is to have a special connection with you! You are so easy to talk to and such a wonderful friend. I am sure she will be receptive to your sharing the gospel with her. I just got an email from Teresa the other day. Her daughter has been baptized, and her son will be baptized this spring. She wants me and the girls to try to come. I'd sure love to do it. Hope it's when my spring break at school is!