Sunday, July 13, 2008

Coro de Cumpleañnos con Mis ayudantes

This year we are kicking off birthday celebrations with a special choir number performed under the direction of Elder Moreno; each missionary with a birthday is given a Leon Mexico Mission label pin. Zone conferences are completed for the month of July. I had so much fun with my presentation. I used Elder L.Tom Perry's conference talk about the 5 ingredients for eternal life....and chose 5 ayudantes(helpers) to mix up a cookie recipe with 5 ingredients. I taught the importance of having an image...of eternal life in our minds, like a illustration in a cookbook of a perfect dish or cookie. The missionaries loved wearing my aprons and they all took on a Martha Stewart imitation as the spotlight was placed on them to do their part. This was Michael´s death anniversary week and I was able to share my testimony of the plan of salvation and how our family is trying to do what is necessary to follow this 5 ingredient recipe of faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the Holy Ghost and then enduring to the end in righteous living. Melanie came for a visit on Friday and Saturday and was able to participate in our zone conference in Leon. That was such a treat for Bob and I, Saturday we ventured to my favorite city... Guantajuato. The pictures attached are of our birthday choir and chefs in the Leon Oeste and Este Zones, Melanie and I at the Catarina store in Guanajuato.


tamster17 said...

Hi Bob & Becky! I've enjoyed looking at your blog and seeing all the great things and reading about your wonderful missionary experiences in Mexico! I just saw Melanie briefly last weekend when we were going through Visalia -- she's in the same ward as Rob's parents. Looks like you guys are doing great -- even despite the knee injury. Keep up the great work you are doing in the mission field!
~ Tammy (Burbank) Nelson

gma & gpa asplund said...

Sounds like you are still busy and having fun. Your Zone Conf. theme was very creative and sounded fun. Loved the aprons! You and Mel looked like you had fun shopping, etc. Glad she got to come and see you--really not that far to travel huh? Take a deep breath now till Wesley arrives.

Grammy said...

You are doing such amazing things with your mission traditions. Love your aprons and 5 ingredients theme. So glad Melanie could spend time with you. I know that was very special. I saw Rondaleen last week and she showed me tons of photos from her trip to Israel. Made me think of Melanie spending time there. It is quite an amazing place. I received an email from Teresa (Carlos) telling me that her daughter had been baptized. She said her son will be baptized in the spring and that she wants Katie, Julie, and me to be there. She also thanked me for sharing the gospel with her. We have been challenged by our local missionaries to pray for missionary experiences. I know I need to venture out a little more and share the gospel with co-workers and others. I have one very "golden" contact at the last school where I worked. I will not let that one slide by. I am praying for the right time and the right approach for her. Sending love to you!

britt said...

What a special opportunity for Mel to share with you. I sure miss her and all of you. I am thankful for all of my fond childhood memories.

I am sure those elders LOVED your cookies! I always did!!