Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Cat Lover

President Cox hurt his knee this past week jumping rope. It has really crippled him to doing things he doesn't want to do...all he has to say is "I need to keep my knee elevated". Right! Celayita, our kitten gets stuck in our big pine tree in the front of the house and what does he do? Right again! He climbs the ladder and saves his darling little kitty ...who most likely could have found her own way down. We enjoyed the 4th of July from Leon. It was a quiet day here and our children kept us updated through our vonnage phone, videos and pictures via the internet. We are so grateful for friends and family...that they keep our traditions alive. We've enjoyed our first year and look forward to two more.


Grammy said...

What a hero your husband is! Rescuing kitties, even. How is the knee doing? Hope he heals up fast. It is no fun to have that kind of injury! I just want you to know that Katie and I had the best laugh when I was visiting them a couple of weeks ago. She got some hair clippers, and gave Cooper his first buzz from his Mom. It got a little crooked and close on one side as she was trimming around the ears and neck. She even nicked his poor ear! I reminded her of that one special hair cut you gave to Bob, how you kept cutting to try to fix it, and how Rondaleen made the paper bag model for his birthday for you to follow the next time. We laughed so hard! Sounds like all is well with you in Leon. My love and prayers are always with you, my dear friends!

Cox Family said...

Wow does that ever describe Bob in so many ways.... That is a great picture.. it's amazing the love he has for pets... we miss you guys..

Katie said...

on the 4th Ryan and I laughed about the parade at the beach we got to go to with you guys and the "belly dancing" team. That was so fun!