Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dia de Independencia

This weekend we have celebrated Dia de Independencia....I joined the ranks and decorated for the special ocassion. See picture of dining room. Taxis are driving through the streets of Mexico with the Mexican Flag...stores, homes and even people are dressed here special for the celebration. There was a ward party in Leon Moderno on Saturday and one in our ward on Monday....of course President Cox and I were doing missionary work, a baptisms on Saturday and a District Meeting on Monday but there was a bit of excitement in the air...no matter where we went.


gma & gpa asplund said...

now is that the cutest festive table in all of Leon or what? You always know how to throw a party Becky!

Grammy said...

Your table looks beautiful! reminds me of many beautiful table settings I have enjoyed at your hand, and your mom's, too! How fun to celebrate the local holidays in first class style.

britt said...

I bet you are learning A LOT about the culture and people there. I would have loved to be at YOUR party!