Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Girls Night Out!

This was so fun. After District Meeting on Dia de Independencia....4 Hermanas came to the Mission Home for Pizza. President felt like it was unsafe to have the Hermanas and Missionaries on the Streets after 8 pm...so the Elders hung around at the Arbide Ward Party and the Hermanas came over for a visit. My Spanish is getting better so I can understand alot of what they are talking about and Hermana Matarrita is learning English really well now....she just needs to practice. Hermana Ramirez is our new Hermana and her trainer is Hermana Hernandez. They are all great missionaries. During the month of August all our our Hermanas baptized. We were so proud of them. Hermana Velazquez and Hermana Licona had 7 converts baptized for the month. The picture includes Hermana Ramirez, Hernandez, Mandujano and Matarrita


Grammy said...

I always loved the sister missionaries we had in Corcoran, both young and old. We have sisters here in Peoria, too. They have a very special spirit about them. We love the elders, too! It is such a blessing to have any of the missionaries in our home. We do that regularly. It is a great example to our kids of what they should be doing in just a few years (2 for Nick!).

britt said...

I just love hearing about the special experiences YOU are having and sharing with your missionaries, especially the sisters!!!

揚州炒飯Penny said...