Monday, September 22, 2008

Shoes and more shoes

We've enjoyed so much rain this year. Our trip across country is so very beautiful with wild flowers and green grass and hills mixed in with cactus. I was able to sweet talk Pres. Cox into stopping long enough to take a quick picture of the beautiful countryside on our trip to San Luis Potosi on Friday. The next picture captures the fun experience I had with the missionaries there. I wanted to encourage the missionaries to serve one an effort to become more Christ-like in their behavior...I gave them the scripture from St. John 13, where the Savior washes the feet of the Twelve.... and then I opted to shine the shoes of all the missionaries in these two zones. I figured in the course of 4 hours I shined 54 shoes. My arthritic thumbs were not too happy at the end of the day...but I only have 188 more shoes to shine...before my work is over ....wish me luck. This is my project for the upcoming week. The scripture in John teaches that "if ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them". So off we go..


gma & gpa asplund said...

Well I think I might have prefered to "wash the feet" ! What a noble and righteous missionary mom you are Becky. I am sure the Elders and Sisters love you to pieces. You are such a great example and good teacher for these wonderful young missionaries. They will undoubtedly be telling about this act of service in 10 years to their children.

britt said...

What a tremendous example you are to everyone, especially all those missionaries! And good for you to capture pictures, wherever and whenever you can!!

Grammy said...

Looks like a beautiful country side. Service has always been such a part of the Becky Cox I know. You just make me smile! How I admire your sweetness and goodness.