Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Icing on the Cake

To top it all off,we released to their families 6 wonderful missionaries that have served faithfully here for their two years. The picture was taken after an evening spent together reminiscing of special missionary moments,reassuring them that life will be different/but better because of their service, listening to testimonies and sharing a home-cooked meal. There is so much of this mission life that we love....and this night is at the top of the list. This generation includes Elder Soto, Ramirez, Pichardo, Kerry Brown, Moreno and Ronquillo. Elder Moreno is going home after spending 12 months of his mission in the office, first as our Executive Secretary and then back again as our Assistant. We always hate to see our missionaries leave....but there are some that we become especially attached to because of their service to us personally and to the Mission. Elder Moreno is one of those that will always have a special place in our hearts.


Grammy said...

Some of those elders will be in touch with you for the rest of your lives, too! I know they love and revere you both.

britt said...

that was definitely a memorable night for me. Boy that transition period is hard! And even more disheartening is how quickly the memories of mission life fade! You think at THAT moment, how could you ever forget...but unfortunately you do!

揚州炒飯Penny said...