Monday, April 6, 2009

Aguascalientes...Top Baptizers for March

Elders Robles and Hatton are the Zone Leaders for Aguascalientes. Their zone includes Elders Castillo,Toutai,Buzis,PerezM.,Callen,Martinez,Carrillo,PerezF,Urbina,Leininger,Cobarruvias,Whetten. The zone baptized 35 out of the 220 New Converts added to the Leon Mexico Mission during the month of March. We are grateful for their faithful service.


gma & gpa asplund said...

CONGRATULATIONS you group of handsome, dedicated missionaries.

brenna said...

It's so great that you had so many last month! Matt said you had quite the goal for this week, were you able to reach it?

Grammy said...

Really good looking missionaries. Great goals. We are supposed to set missionary goals in each auxiliary in our ward. We have one sister investigating that is what I call a "dry mormon." We just need her to find the courage to leave the man she is living with. It is not a good situation, but she feels financially strapped and dependent on him for support. She is so in tune with the gospel, the plan of salvation. She asks very indepth questions. I have given her the challege. The missionaries are working with her and she has an incredible neighbor that has been bringing her out for a couple of years. We will certainly celebrate when she makes the changes necessary in her life in order to be baptized.