Monday, April 6, 2009

Interviews in Leon

We´ve been serving here for 19 months now and this is the first time we considered bringing the missionaries to the Mission Home for interviews. Talk about "thinking outside the Box". It took us a while but, we tried it and we liked it. It was so fun having them gather around the kitchen and eating hot cookies out of the oven while they waited to visit with President Cox and so many of them never have opportunity to come to the Mission Home except when they arrive and I hope we can continue this throughout the rest of the mission....time will tell. I have pictures of Elder Su'a, Elder Delgado and Elder Leon with President and I, and Elders Lara and Lopez V (I have a little confession. I am not sure we would have ever thought of this idea...but Elder Emery was playing a morning NCAA game and Pres and I wanted to watch we rearranged our interview schedule to accomodate our personal pleasures...but don't tell)


gma & gpa asplund said...

What a good idea to have them come to the mission home. I'm sure they were thrilled to smell and TASTE Hermana Cox's delicious cookies. Good opportunity to have some quality time with each for both of you. A marvelous looking group of young men.

Grammy said...

A wonderful idea. I am sure it will continue! The Elders need that connection with the "mission home" and those who are there (you). It must be a real special treat for them to feel the spirit you bring into any home, Becky, I mean Hermana Cox. And I know how good your cookies are, too! How wonderful that you can bless the elders and sisters in your mission with spiritual a well as temporal things!