Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Sunday Farewells

Easter in Mexico is so strange. President Cox and I were both assigned talks for Sacrament Mtg with Elder Robledo. Our topics were fast & offerings, prayer and the Book of Mormon. We don't sing the Easter Hymns or have flowers, Easter dresses or egg hunts. It is crazy. So needlesstosay....Hermana Cox introduced some of her family Easter traditions, like Granny's foil egg, and tied it all together with the traditions we can establish with family and personal was a stretch but necessary. The Egg Hunt has been such a fun tradition in our family and how very appropriate. The egg represents "new life", the very essence of the Resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We are truly all in search daily for this wonderful gift. We had 12 Elders in our home for Farewells, Elders Caamal,Cabrera,Castillo,Davis,Diaz,Eckman,GarciaV.Pacheco,Panoaya,Montes,Terminel and Zertuche. I decorated the dinner tables in the training room with plastic eggs and chocolate rabbits for everyone. (I really had to search for the rabbits) I think they all appreciated their special evening. After dinner we have a special testimony meeting. Elder Terminel played a special musical number on the piano for all of us...I will really miss his musical talents....We sang our song, #88 "Placentero nos es trabajar"....the picture captures Elders Escobar,Eckman and Davis feeling the spirit of this special hymn that is only found in the Mexican hymnbooks. It is our very favorite.

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