Friday, April 17, 2009

New assignments

With every farewell comes new assignments for the missionaries in our mission. Those who Return home with honor, start careers, education and dating (Elder Diaz, our Assistant for the past 4 months)Elders Escobar and Robles are joining the ranks of Assistants with Elder Wille. Some assume ZL responsilibities. (Elder Robledo has served as our Exec. Secretary for 8 months) Elder Verdeja is our new Executive Secretary. We are excited about these new faces in the Office but we always hate to say Goodbye.....The pictures are of our new Assts Monday afternoon helping me prepare for our meal with the new Elders coming from the CCM. Elder Robles was enough or a "man" to wear my BYU Mom apron. Also posted is a picture of Elder Robledo at the Central with Pres & I before leaving for Benito Juarez; Also one with him and all the new office staff.

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