Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sandor & Karina.....Marlene/A temple excursion

July 25th was a special day here in Arbide and Loma Bonita wards. A temple excursion was planned to Guadalajara; Marlene,my housekeeper received her endowments and Sandor Pollido and Karina Ramos were Sealed in the Temple (Sandor was a nephew of our first Bishop in Arbide and Karina the daughter of Bishop Ramos from Loma Bonita. WOW, what a day. We left the chapel at 4am...loaded on a pretty sad looking bus (not a Premier Plus) It is my first bus experience. Bob didn't go......I'm beginning to think, what am I doing? We tried to sleep...but things were really tight. I couldn't move even if I wanted to. We arrived about 7:45 and promptly went to the temple. I was glad to see President and Sister Sorenson (TemplePresident and wife) and decided to do the session without headphones. It was a beautiful experience in the temple for both Marlene and Sandor and Karina. The temple in Guadalajara is built just like our Fresno Temple. After pictures were taken we traveled to the grooms mother's home in Guadalajara for a reception with music and dancing, chicharon (cooked pig skin), carnitas,pizole,wedding cake,etc. It was a great day....long, but great. We loaded back onto the bus after 8pm and headed to Leon...mission accomplished. The last two pictures need a little explanation. The groom is demonstrating how they cook the pig skin to make the "tasty" chicharon....and the last is the money dance. A traditional dance at the Mexican Weddings....friends and family dance with the bride and groom and pin money on their clothing or in their hair for the expense of their honeymoon.