Monday, August 10, 2009

A Return Visit

Sunday Morning, August 2nd we were greeted at the Chapel door by two of our "old" Assistants. It was such a treat to visit with Elder Barajas who left in January and Elder Diaz who finished in April. They visited some of their converts and then came by the mission home for our Sunday dinner. Paybacks are wonderful...the missionaries who have served with us will always have a special place in our hearts...and we are eternally grateful for their desires to remain faithful to their covenants and move forward in their personal lives. Elder Barajas attended BYU Idaho for 2 quarters and was able to give us a report on many of the missionaries who have not corresponded but are busy in Idaho and Provo and Elder Diaz reported on missionaries he has been in contact with in Mexico. Are they handsome young men....or what? And then there is that "really" handsome older man who will be turning even older this month????