Monday, August 10, 2009

August Zone Conferences

We completed our zone conferences for the month of August. We were privileged to have Dr. Spencer and his wife, Cindy, or Hermana Spencer with us. They stayed through the weekend and we enjoyed our time together...They really like the idea of moving their base to Leon because the weather is so much more agreeable than in Monterey and my thoughts race around my head...thinking how much fun it would be to have another adult couple here in Leon as well to do things time will tell.
Elder Spencer and I shared our pie making recipes taught to us by our mothers....he made the crust and I made the filling. We invited the office Elders that evening to try our creation...Guanajuato was on the agenda for Friday evening. Bob says it was his last trip...I am not sure why? I can never get enough.

Our goal for the month of August is 400 baptisms. It is a 5week month and
WE ARE JUICED! Every month during Zone Conferences we take pictures of the zone and districts and then in our Cosecha(monthly newsletter) we publish the picture of the zone/district with the most baptisms. For the past 5 months Aguascalientes has been in the #1position. For the month of July they share the lime light with Irapuato. It is so fun to witness the excitement for this great work. This picture is of the Elders serving in Aguas..during July and August....time will only tell if they can do it again. TopRow; Elders Toutai,Tolentino,Grecco,Ditto,Roberts
Bottom Row;EldersIbanez,Mendoza,HermanaLicona,ElderAguilar,ElderCano,ElderJeronimo,
HermanaCruz,ElderLeo and Elder Pasos.


gma & gpa asplund said...

Wow, you've already completed your zone conferences for Aug. You are SPEEDY! Love your idea for momthly news-I'll share it. Can't imagine a MAN could create any pie that would begin to equal yours!! Yes, you would have so much fun with another "senior" couple in Leon. Hope it works!

brenna said...

Wow, I know i've only met bob once, so maybe i just remember wrong, but he sure looks different in the picture with the apron... ;) Actually, it seems like the picture of people wearing the apron have been everyone but. Maybe he doesn't like matt's present?

ckkg said...

great goals and even more exciting to see them reached, huh?! and i'm sorry, but i highly doubt ANYONE could match your pies!