Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gingerbread Houses of Leon

It was an all day labor of love. I was so grateful for the willing and cheerful attitudes of my dear family. Matt became the master architect and Brenna took charge of the detail work. At the end of the day we felt our creations were spectacular. At one point Elders Verdeja and Sherman were here and assisted in the project. Our woodsman, Elder Sherman created the trees and Elder Verdeja cut out and hung stars. Bob even had a few suggestions....Our biggest obstacle was the molasses. We hunted all over town and then converted to honey. It all works the same...just smells a bit different. What a fun time I had reliving special times we've shared through the years at Granny's house building gingerbread houses...and enjoying time spent with Matt and Brenna this Thanksgiving holiday.


gma & gpa asplund said...

I am totally amazed and impressed that you could create those gingerbread houses. They are great and best must be the fun memories made in the process.

britt said...

those are pretty grand houses!! what fun traditions to share with your family and the missionaries :)
happy holidays!!!

brenna said...

All day labor of love is right! It was sure fun though! When your email is back up, you'll have to send the pictures to me.