Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween vs Dia de Muertos

Saturday evening we were visited by our favorite trick-o-treators with one extra...Sylvia (witch with orange hat). The Morales Family came tricking and treating. It made my night. Candy bags had been prepared special for them and the office Elders as well. But other than that...all was quiet around the mission home till Sunday evening. guessed it. We had children ringing the bell for several hours. The crazy part of the whole evening was that they didn't even dress up. They just walked our streets asking for candy. Today, is actually my favorite day. School is cancelled and it is a family day. Fresh flowers and fruits and vegetables are sold in tianges and families are together visiting their dead. Elder Verdeja says that some families have miariaci bands come and play for their dead and everything. But for the most part, they leave fruit, for their dead and flowers. Some might think that is strange but I remember the first year Michael had died...we did some pretty strange things at the cemetary that a christmas tree with battery operated christmas lights, valentines tied to the tree branches, special flowers for special occasions....I just didn't think about music.....oh how I love living in Mexico!

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gma & gpa asplund said...

What a darling family. Are they all brothers and sisters? Isn't it fun to learn of the customs of other people and why they do what they do. There was something similar going on at the cemetaries here on Monday.