Friday, January 8, 2010

Family Time

Our children arrived after Christmas and stayed through New Years. It was a great time to have everyone together. We missed Steve and Bradley but with the last minute changes to our was not possible to change work schedules. We stayed close to home....went to Parque Explora, bowling with President Morales and family; shopping in Guanajuato with only Melanie; Centro to feed the pigeons, walk through the Mercado and visit with the Tres Magos; (3 Wise Men...on January 5th children write their wishes and attach them to Helium balloons and let them go...on Jan 6th the 3 Wise Men delivery gifts to children...tradition) Tacos and quesadillas from Guero's were ordered and brought to the mission home whenever possible. I think they all knew it was their last chance.....personally, President and I have had enough of them. Our last visit to the zoo was Monday afternoon, Jan 4th. I´ll write more about the zoo in another post. The weather was a little cooler than we like...but much warmer than it was at home so for the most part the kids were quite comfortable in short sleeves and sometimes even shorts. Not me! Our house this winter is so darn cold. I find myself many days wrapped in a blanket just to try and stay warm. Cental air and heating sounds so good. Some of these niceties we just take for granted.


debbie said...

Your zoo looks quite nice and interesting. Bet Wesley kept everyone running. How lucky you were to spend these fun times together this Christmas.

debbie said...

by the way--this is Diane using Debbie's computer.

brenna said...

Thanks for having us all come down and being such great hosts!