Friday, January 8, 2010

The Zoo in Leon

Actually the zoo in Leon is quite nice. We have enjoyed taking our children to the zoo each visit. This particular trip we found our favorite baboon eating a sucker....the rhino awake and up close to the fence so the children could grab on to his horn...feed him sugar cane ....this was incredible. I had never seen a rhino eat anything.....the drool coming from his mouth was gross. The hipos were awake and standing ...their massive weight supported by their short little legs (most visits they are in the water) We listened to the Lion of Leon roar ...on our last visit in July he was mating with a cool was that. We fed the giraffe and visited the aviary where birds, ducks, peacocks run wild. Wesley was attacked by the brightly colored pheasant. It really caught him off guard. What fun we have had at the zoo in Leon. Wesley has learned to was so fun watching him throw back his shoulders and run like a big boy...The picture captures him running to catch up with his Grandpa. He loved Grandpa Bob

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