Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sunday Departure

We tried to cover all our bases.
We got up early to attend our Ward mtgs in Arbide. They have no one to play the piano and if I am not there they sing without. So whenever I am in town, I really try to attend...besides we really like to be there to support our missionaries and meet their new converts and investigators. We also attended Echeveste Ward with Elder De Hoyos, Hna De Hoyos and Esteban. His sister attends this ward and a family reunion was planned for later that day for them. We rushed home from that mtg to find Elder Holmes and Elder Herrera waiting patiently by the locked mission office door....Quickly....we both went to work. President interviewing all the Elders returning home and I preparing food for our LAST SUPPER together. Each Elder receives a little bag with 14 parasite pills at this last supper. They are shocked that they have to take pills for the next 4 days....but it is either pills or parasites...they can choose. We always enjoy this night together...listening to testimonies and plans for their future....remembering specials days shared in the mission field. Pictures were taken which include Elders Herrera, Pitalua, Laredo and Torres, Holmes, Moffitt and Perry. Elders Call and Pickett were part of this generation as well but had gone home earlier for school.

It is official. Elder Sherman is finally leaving the office. We love our secretaries in such a special way. It is hard to imagine them leaving us....but it happens. Elder Sherman will be training Elder Hansen to serve as the new financial secretary and he will serve thru the new President as well...so that will be a great experience for him. The picture is of 3 generations of financial secretaries, Elders Maxfield(now Asst), Elder Sherman and Elder Hansen.

Elder De Hoyos and family returned home later that evening and we enjoyed our last evening together. Esteban will be leaving for Portugal in 2 months for his mission. He will be a great asset to his mission as he speaks English, Spanish and Portugese.
We all have enjoyed such special times together these past few days....We will always remember special lessons learned from these great leaders...."Hermana or Hermano".....¿Lo harĂ¡n?.....Que lastima!.... personal examples of service and sacrifice to build the kindgom of God in Mexico


gma & gpa asplund said...

Oh my gosh, you did survive. We have been holding off calling as we knew this was your OVER-LOAD week. It sounds like everything went very well as usual with you two in charge. What a blessed time you must have had with your Area leaders. Your lives are so full of blessings that you continue to earn.

Brian said...

Hi...Just wanted to say that Elder Hansen is my son! He sure does look good in that picture. Thanks for taking care of him. We miss him but know that he is doing the Lord's work.