Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We pulled it off!

Wednesday was the first day of Zone Conferences with Elder Benjamin DeHoyos and his wife as our tour authorities. Elder De Hoyos is the lst Counselor to Elder Johnson the Area President of Mexico. They are joined by Elder Tenorio as 2nd Counselor. Things went really well in all the conferneces, Elders Trejo, Martinez and Salazar conducted their respective conference in a very dignified manner....Elder De Hoyos was impressed with all the missionaries.After our first conference with enjoyed a comida with Stake President Navarro and his wife from Irapuato. Hermana was quite gutsy and asked for pictures....a no-no, we were told earlier for the missionaries...but for a wife of a Stake President, why not? Thursday was a full day with zone conferences in Aguascalientes, comida with President Cruz and President Lopez and their wives in this really beautiful restored hacienda from the late 1880s. Later we attended a fireside for the Young Single Adults and returned home to meet up with Esteban (their son who needed to stay behind a day to work on visa issues for his mission to Portugal) for tacos at Guerros. Friday was zone conference in Leon and later comida at the mission home....We spent the evening hanging out together visiting (I could understand maybe 70%) At one point, I was fixing an evening treat and sandwiches and Elder De Hoyos comes walking into the kitchen speaking perfect English. I was delighted! My brain cells were about dead at that point and I was so relieved. Saturday morning they left after 10 to join their family in a shoe shopping expedition....I then had 6 hours to shop and prepare appetizers for all the Stake Presidents and their wives. I had to call upon the services of our secretaries to come to my aid. I never would have made it, but it turned out great. Wish I had taken pictures of the table.

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ckkg said...

not too many of these conferences left, huh?! i can't believe how quickly it will be here when you both are back. am i allowed to talk about that?! don't want to get you trunky! i love and miss you both so much!