Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Faces

We have lots of new faces in the office this week. Elder Trejo, Elder Toutai and Elder Martinez are the New Men in charge. I was so impressed with their first capacitation to our new missionaries on Monday. They will work together well to lead and guide the mission as we move forward to Invite the good people of our mission to Come unto our Savior, Jesus Christ and receive this glad message that offers Salvation to all. Elder Cruz is the man for the job as Elder Verdeja prepares to leave the office as our Executive Secretary. We have been so blessed with the talents and service of Elder Verdeja. He has quietly and patiently served with all his heart as our secretary. We love him. It is always fun to watch them leave the office and assume responsibilities in the field as great leaders for the mission. Elder Cruz is a bit more limited in his English language so I will be challenged a bit more ...... but this is good. Also, we received a call from President Del Valle today and he sent us some pictures of his you can see, we have lots of new faces surfacing in the Leon Mission.

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gma & gpa asplund said...

We love to see your darling Elders and read their love for missionary service all over their faces. Wow , will things be different with the new Pres. and familly with 4 beautiful daughters in the mission home. Sorry Elders but you are in for quite a change off pace and lots of "off limits".
We also see "Emery" face all over the news and T.V. during the NCAA Basketball playoffs with BYU. Go Cougs!