Wednesday, March 17, 2010

With or Without

I can enjoy Guanajuato with or without Bob.(Actually, without is a lot more fun!) Our AMA, Dr. Spencer and his wife were visiting for a couple of days so we hooked up with the District President, President Guarduño and saw some of the sites of my favorite city.....most of the places I've been to at least 3 times before but....I love it all the same. We did visit the museo in the Alhondiga this time, and I climbed to the bottom of the mine of San Ramon..... it was a really fun day. Cindy and I shopped and shopped and the men just did a few more missionary contacts while they waited..... Before we were was time to say goodbye. I hate to think that this might be my last trip there........surely not. I can always find a reason to make one more visit.


gma & gpa asplund said...

You look like you are having so much fun. I remember that mine and all the fun we had there that day (when you and Bob were still "greenies"). Glad you got a good get-away.

brenna said...

Your last trip! That's crazy! You will be home before you know it

Grammy said...

That looks like such a fun place! Love your hair!