Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Celebrations!

Easter Sunday was particularly special this year. We had spent the past week with our zone leaders studying the last week of our Savior's life while he lived upon the earth and this was followed with our concilio and then our first zone conference in San Luis Potosi. We always love this week of Easter, to reflect upon the great gift of immortality and eternal life made available to all mankind through the selfless gift of the Atonement made by our Savior, Jesus Christ. But to top it with General Conference Sunday is really icing on the cake. There is nothing better than to be able to sit at the feet of our dear Prophet, President Monson and Apostles and receive the instruction we need in our lives in these latter days. I know my heart was brim full at the end of these conference sessions and I look forward to a more indepth study of the instructions given. Easter pictures are a norm in our home for this special holiday so it was appropriate and my secretaries and assistants were willing........ Aren't they a wonderful addition to my family.
Elders Martinez V, Toutai and our assistants and Elders Verdeja, Hansen and Cruz R. as our secretaries.

This is our last Easter in the mission fields of Leon. The streets are lined with beautiful jacarandas trees in full bloom...... this picture was taken while driving down Algercias, the street connecting with Torre Vieja. We walk this street every morning and the smell is of a sweet bloom similar to the orange blossoms at home. We are happy and grateful for this great work of the Lord and the special privilege we have to assist these special missionaries with their labors.

We were also visited this past week with a newly married couple of RM who had served here in our mission. La familia Grecco were married on March 27th in the temple at Mexico City. They are so happy and have spent their week visiting their special friends of the mission. (aka Elder Grecco and Hna Licona)

500 was the magic # for the month. The goal was to invite and bring 500 investigators to General Conference to hear our prophet's voice, to receive instruction and enjoy the sweet spirit that teaches us how to perfect our lives....This was a stretch for our mission since the most we had ever taken was 308. But the missionaries worked con todo su corazon, alma, mente y fuerza.........The result = 500+ investigators who we will now teach and challenge to accept the saving ordinances of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are excited to say the least!


gma & gpa asplund said...

Well it looks as if you had very peaceful and uplifting LAST Easter in Leon. (I detected a little sadness there). You and Bob look so cute in your matching attire. CONGRATULATIONS on your Elders getting 500+ to Conference--amazing!!

Leavers of SLC said...

Pdte & Hna Cox,
I know that you have no idea who I am, but my name is Mike Leaver. I served in this wonderful mission from June of 2003-June of 2005. A few months ago I was bored while my wife studied and was surfing around the net and somehow stumbled upon your blog. As i looked through your posts I came to a blog that talked of the success and the 417 baptisms.

I am not the type to cry and I didn't on this occassion, however, my heart began to pound. I turned and interupted my wife and showed her the pictures and explained to her the significance. I explained to her that my second month in the mission we "bottomed out" with 42 baptisms, in the entire mission. She turned and said I am so sorry.

To be honest, my feelings were not at all of jealousy. I am so happy for the people of the MML. I knew at the time that the "field truly was white already to harvest". During my time there, I talked with other elders and explained to them that the only thing that was stopping them from having more success was themselves. And if they trusted in the Lord the would be able to have more success than they could ever imagine. I am very excited to see that the Lord is showering out blessings upon the people of MML beyond what anyone can imagine. I hope that the great missionaries of the MML realize that even though they are acheiving great success now, that there is still more work to be done. That the Lord can still shower out more blessings. I thank you for your hard work. It truly is a blessing to be able to look back and be able to see that the ground is finally ripe for la cosecha!

Brother Mike Leaver

Katie said...

Great goals- great turn outs. You have once again amazed me with your dedication. I know angels are dancing with excitement due to all of your work.

Grammy said...

Wow! What amazing goals to be reached and surpassed. I love your green for Easter. You and el presidente are such a great couple! I am so fortunate to know and love you. Keep up the good work. Only a few months left and then you will have to return to life as normal. Con mucho amor.