Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another month has Come and now GONE!

Today is our 36th Wedding Anniversary. We shared our special day with our zone leaders as we participated in the concilio in preparation for the month of April. We have 5 new zone leaders in this concilio, Elders DelosReyes,Rodriguez,Delgado,Calvillo and Valdez. They join the ranks of many great young men who have worked diligently to lead the mission forward in righteous service. We are grateful for their desire to take their place to motivate and inspire our missionaries to Invite others to Come unto Christ. With each capacitation their is a coinciding activity....using faith to move the President's car?????.....if we're obsessed anything is possible?????...(President HIT the target)...Elder Killen is sporting a new tie, he baptized 20 for the month of March so he inherited a tie of his choice from President's closet...and Elder Holt is 23 months in the making as a missionary from the Leon Mission, he'll be our only leader departing in the month of April and we will miss his faithful, cheerful service. It is incredible the changes we see in the lives of these valiant young men as they sacrifice to serve the Lord. We love them all!

Sunday, March 28th we celebrated Elder Toutai's 21st birthday...he actually had his birthday in the middle of the week but we were busy with interviews...so he patiently waited for his special day. We also invited President Javier Martinez, his wife, Yoshira and baby daughter...Sofia for dinner. President Martinez is our new counselor in the mission presidency. He is a bit younger than our previous counselors but he's on fire with a love for missionary work. We appreciate his support and desire to grow the mission. They attended our Monday night concilio as well and he spoke with the zone leaders of the mission.

That same day Hermanas Gonzalez, Alarcon and Suarez stopped by the office with a toe problem. They are serving in Leon Moderno and wanted to show me the problem area. We did our little examination....gave them a recommendation, and a popsicle and before I knew what was happening I had a picture of them together on my camera. Not sure about the eye situation. It looks like they are all three pointing to Hermana Suarez' name on the bulletin board because she arrived the week early...but why the poise with an eye closed??? You've got me. But aren't they so darn cute and powerful missionaries they are!
Friday, March 26th we greeted our visa-delayed missionaries at the airport in Bajio,GTO. They seemed relieved to be on the ground again and with people who spoke their native tongue. We fed them tacos de guerros that evening about 10:30pm (how settling can that be on ones stomach), President had his interviews with them and then we bedded them down in the offices across the street. Saturday morning we fed them our classic breakfast of pancakes, eggs and sausage, gave them their assignments, took pictures and then the Assistants took care of the training. We were grateful to have them here safe and sound and ready to take their place in the mission fields of Leon.

March 21st Juanito and family visited with birthday cake for President and I. He was so thoughtful to want to share with us on his special day. It is amazing how much he has grown in these past 3 years. Juanito turned 9 years old.......


gma & gpa asplund said...

What an exciting, busy, productive and fun filled month you have had. You have such beautiful missionaries and every face shines with the love of their work and for the Lord. I don't know how you can possibly keep all these precious memories (yet I remember what a good journal keeper you are Bec).

Katie said...

Happy Anniversary! Time is flying by. Your missionaries are so lucky. We love you.

Sharon said...

Wow! It was so great to see my son Elder DeHart with you and smiling - he looked so happy! Thank you so much for this blog. I am sure you know how important it is for a Mom to feel a part of their childs mission. I love reading about what is going on there. He was so excited to get there and get working. I love hearing about the zone conferences and see the other Elders! Thanks again. Sister DeHart

ckkg said...

It just occurred to me how much this blog is going to mean to you when you get home. All the priceless pictures you have taken and the reminders of countless experiences you have had on your mission. It has been such a treat for us all to be able to get a peek into your lives as well. Such happy memories!

britt said...

what a great memory log you are keeping, with so many smiling happy faces along the way.
I love the pics of you and bob in your EASTER attire. I love that lime green color!
You are doing such amazing things with those missionaries, and most importantly for the Lords Work!
much love and aloha to you!!!