Wednesday, June 16, 2010

139 Strong....MML

Okay, here we are all together for the last time. We combined all the zone conferences into 1 for the month of June. We shared a video of pictures of the missionaries, took more pictures...shared inspirational training, enjoyed special talents of Elder Tenney, Elder Leach, Elder Bojorquez, Hermana Jimenez, Elders Toutai, Su´a and Solt and much, much more. It definitely is hard to put into words, the feelings of our heart as we looked into the audience of all those who will continue to bring forth miracles in the MML. Let's just say it was a day to remember in our journals of special mission memories.

Our Hermanas have worked miracles in the MML. We are 7 strong right now with Hermanas Suarez, Cruz, Alarcon, Vela, Sarao, Garza and Jimenez.

We had 5 RMs visit us for this mtg..Elders Casado, Herbst(served under Pres. Martinez but was here visiting Elder Casado his kid), Piña, Lara and Hermana Ortega. They came by the house after the conference to catch up on old times and share a pizza before they headed back to Mexico. We appreciated their efforts to be with us for this special conference.

It is so fun visiting with our missionaries after the mission. They are bright-eyed and full of ambition and plans for their future. We hope to return 2011 or 2012 for a reunion with as many as we can get together.......What a fun time that will be.

Friday night we put together a little dinner for all the counselors who have served in the Mission Presidency with Bob. It was a relaxed evening for all of us....just to be together and enjoy one another's company. Socializing with friends is not done much in our area of the mission. Unless we do the just doesn't happen. So everyone really enjoys my food and company when we can put together a little social time. President always tries to mix business with they held their last Mission Presidency Mtg as well earlier in the evening. In company for the evening was Bishop Romo y Juanita, Hno Aguilar y Juanita, President Rubio y Annie, President Martinez, Yoshira y Sofia. We will miss these dear friends in the gospel.

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Katie said...

Reading these posts brings tears to my eyes. You two will be missed more than you will ever know. You have been so amazing!